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We are Offering Perfect Package for you.
*** We are not any data providers of our own but we can acquire the same form our vendors if possible ***
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  • Pack # 1
  • 1 Lakh SMS
  • Unique Sender Id : No
  • For Promotional Purpose
  • Not Delivered to DND
  • DND Auto refund after send
  • Delivery Time : 9am to 7pm
  • Delivery Speed : Good
  • Delivery Report : Yes

  • Pack # 4
  • 1 Lakh SMS
  • Unique Sender Id : Yes
  • Not for Promotional Purpose
  • Delivered to DND also
  • For Banks, Institutions, Share Markets etc.
  • Delivery Time : Anytime 24Hours
  • Delivery Speed : Good
  • Delivery Report : Yes

  • Pack # 7
  • 1 Lakh SMS
  • Unique Sender Id : Yes
  • For OTP Purpose / Best for Software Integration
  • Delivered to DND
  • For OTPs & Softwares - API Provided by us
  • Delivery Time : Anytime 365*24*7
  • Delivery Speed : Instant
  • Delivery Report : Yes


350+ Happy Clients
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In addition to great pricing and a commitment to world-class customer service,
We provide Promotional SMS Service, Premium Promo SMS, Transactional SMS in Bulk for your Business!

Promotional SMS

  • Avail services from the best promotional sms provider in India and experience an all new way of communicating and promoting. Tangosms gives you the freedom to send sms from anywhere with simple internet connectivity, using very simple steps and at extremely affordable rates.We operate in various cities and have our permanent offices there . Some of them are Bangalore Delhi, Hyderabad etc.

Transactional SMS

  • Sending transactional SMS is now at the tip of your thumb. transactional SMS provider offers transactional SMS service at extremely reasonable transactional SMS price in India. Give your clients and customers instant minute to minute information on the delivery status of their purchase, transaction confirmations, updates on promotional offers, etc with the affordable transactional bulk SMS service at


  • OTP Business SMS has emerged as a booming trend among all business ventures. SMS services for business has become an absolute essential for every individual working to get their business at the top. Bulk business SMS serve multiple purposes including sales, marketing, promotions, and many other segments. Bulk SMS business uses take an innumerable count, giving its users countless benefits to reap.


Feature-rich, web-based admin portal. Easy access to reporting, user administration, contacts and message templates.

Web Platform

With no software or application to install, you can use your TangoSMS account to send SMS messages from any computer that has internet access, anywhere in the world. This means that you can control your SMS delivery no matter where you are – all you need is internet access.

Our Web Platform is available 24-hours a day and allows you to keep track of your SMS activity, save Message Templates, pre-plan messages with our SMS Scheduler and Import Contacts at any time that is suitable for you


Email2SMS gives you the ability to send messages to single or multiple contacts fast and reliably.Send SMS from your preferred email program via your TangoSMS account. You can add up to two authorised email accounts, start sending straight away.


Get the best bulk SMS services from the most reputed bulk SMS Api in India. The bulk SMS API plays a major role in deciding the quality and reliability of SMS service used. An SMS gateway API is the intermediate link that connects the sender to the receiver through a telecommunication network. The more sound the SMS gateway India API, the better the service. Make sure that you settle for nothing less than the best with our SMS gateway API that ensures your timely message delivery.

Web Based Admin Area

Access your TangoSMS account and send SMS from any computer anywhere in the world. As part of the TangoSMS administration toolkit, you have access to a comprehensive set of admin tools and screen based dash board that provide you with valuable feedback relating to both sent and received messages, your account status and much more. (show sample dashboard screen and sample reports etc)

SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler enables you to pre-plan the time of your SMS delivery. This is a great feature for promotional events, warnings, alerts or even birthday wishes. Since a simple, straight forward SMS is often much faster and effective than postage packages, SMS Scheduler allows you to give your business a boost when you need it. You can also Import Contacts onto your TangoSMS account, ensuring maximum customer connection and retention.

Message Templates

Need to send similar messages multiple times? Message Templates lets you store frequently used messages on your computer or a USB. This is perfect for appointment reminders and booking reservations, allowing you to reduce the amount of no-shows and revenue loss. With the option of personalising the SMS, you are able to use this fast and effective way of attaining client confirmation without the use of intrusive phone calls. Through the use of our SMS Scheduler, you won’t even need to be near a computer!

Import contacts

By importing numbers onto your TangoSMS account, you can search and categorise your contacts without needing to repeatedly enter in the mobile number each time you need to send an SMS. This gives you the ability to send messages to a single or group of contacts faster and reliably.

Multiple user access

TangoSMS is a system that allows you to create multiple users under the same account. This gives your team the ability to utilise the account in multiple ways at once, reaching out further to clients without being limited to the use of one device at a time. Each user is equipped with their individual user ID, enabling you to control the levels of access, as well as keep track of their individual activities.

Bulk SMS Reseller

You can now enhance your business with the power of promotional SMS from, the bulk sms reseller. now brings to you exclusive promotional sms service that provides you with instant access to sending bulk promotional SMS to a huge number of users, in no time at all, thus becoming one of the most cheap sms reseller in India. With the Bhashsms promotional sms gateway, you can now easily promote your products and services among your potential customers and clients using promotional SMS service through our sms gateway reseller.