Give a new height to your business by SMS services

Give a new height to your business by SMS services

Are you struggling with getting customers for your business?

Are you are looking for expansion in existing business?

Are you looking for best Bulk sms services in Punjab and other states?

Are you looking for bulk sms service provider in Punjab and other states for your business?

Are you looking to inform customers for product offers like sales and discounts?

Are you looking to Wish existing customers festive greetings?

Are you looking to get survey from targeted customer segment?

Then you search ends at Tangosms as we are best bulk sms service provider in Punjab and provide excellent sms services in Punjab and other states. We have very cost effective services for expansion of your business, existing customer engagements and building up new customer market, and this solution is Bulk SMS. Let’s look at what exactly this service is:

You must be aware about SMS which are sent from cellular phone devices. Here are some its features

  • These are sent from one cell phone to another cell phone where your mobile number is displayed
  • Receiver has option to send you back instant reply on same number.
  • Local and STD sms rates apply
  • As per regulations of TRAI(Telecom regulation) only certain number like 150-200 sms per day is allowed on your cell phone

But these SMS won’t help you much in gaining boost for your business if you have or want to build up large customer base, so different companies came out with solution of providing bulk sms solution in India. Following are the features of bulk SMS services:

  • SMS sent from application to mobile phone with dashboard provided to customers
  • Business now can send 1000 – 1 Lakh plus (almost no limit on per day) messages to their customers on festive greetings, promotions, discount, survey, business information etc
  • These would be sent using various short codes which can be transactional or promotional in nature; transactional messages are the ones those contain information pertaining to financial details etc and sent as reminders, alerts or updates to existing clients whereas promotional messages are the one which promotes your products and business. You can find more information of rules to send transactional and promotional messages on our website.
  • Fixed pricing for every message – no variations
  • No option to reply back to Sender of message


Our role comes as provider of bulk SMS services. We are distributors of bulk sms services in Punjab and one of the leading bulk sms service providers in Punjab. Following are reasons to buy bulk sms from us:

  • We are giving services at very low cost
  • We provide you reliability and assurance of messages delivery
  • Easy to use our client panel and dashboard for sending messages

As leaders for provider bulk sms services in Punjab and other states we know that what fits best in your budget as business owner, so we are keeping our margins very low. We already have helped many startup businesses to gain good business revenues and customer engagements. We are rated customer choice preferred buyers for sms services.

  • Transparency between us and our client for regulations of using bulk sms services in Punjab and other states

We believe that every day for our customers should be full with business and prospect clients for which we have kept very minimal price per sms , so that you can purchase bulk sms in very minimal price. This unique feature of ours have made us distinguished bulk sms service provider in Punjab and now in other states within India as well.

We are able to provide cost effective sms services to you as our existing customers refer our sms services to their friends, family or clients so we don’t spend lot money on putting up big advertisement on media or news channels. Our clients know us by our effective delivery of sms services in Punjab and other states. For any comments or information please call or write to us at below contact details:

TangoSMS / TopologyPro’s Bulk SMS Gateway

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