Know the importance of text messaging services

Know the importance of text messaging services

Did you hear something for very low cost text messaging service? Yes you have heard it right, we are cost effective and quality text messaging service provider in nation. Some of us still send text messages to customers through their mobile via sms service which has limitations of sending very limited messages to other mobile users. Looking at this many text messaging service provider have started with bulk messaging service in which there is no limit to send messages to different unlimited customers.

Following are features of bulk text messaging service:

  • Sending large amount of SMS
  • Send out alerts, promotional messages, OTPs, transactional details, movie tickets, vouchers
  • No special rates on Blackout days needed
  • Same rate across India
  • Excellent Branding Opportunity for Companies

When it comes to text messaging service then TangoSMS is finest text messaging service provider that has more reliability than other message providers in terms of delivery of messages during important events. We have very less or no network congestions which allows business owners or users to send their messages in seconds. There are majorly two types of messages when it comes to text messaging service:

Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Promotional Bulk SMS is one of cost effective marketing solutions that are available in the market. Our Customers can create awareness about their brand, product or any offer in fraction of seconds by sending bulk sms to their prospect customers. Our Customers can also send offers to their new clients’ new products or any events right away without any failures. Tango SMS as bulk text messaging service provider offers Promotional Bulk SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion, Offers, product marketing, and general awareness.

Transactional Bulk SMS

These kind of sms are ideal for sending alerts to all existing clients. It can be sent using user interface that is provided with signup. These are government regulatory messages as some kinds and categories of messages need to be transactional.

Choose us as we are ranked as best text messaging service provider in multiple online platforms and our customers have reliability on us when it comes to text messaging service especially when they are purchasing in bulk as we think that they also value their every single customer as we do , so we let them send their message undelivered to their existing or prospect clients. For more details on text messaging service, contact leading text messaging service provider – Tango SMS with following contact details:

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