SMS or Whatsapp ?

SMS or Whatsapp ?

In the modern era where messaging has become very personalized with graphical options, the point which many of us think is to choose between the SMS and Whatsapp. Here we would like to say that SMS are unreplaceable. Let’s say there 1 billion mobile subscribers you want reach through messaging to their mobile handsets but the thing is that very few mobile users are online on internet and very few of them still prefer to use whatsapp like internet messaging services.

The SMS is and will always be the best way to reach your customers ever because :

  • SMS is free incoming service provide by every mobile operator these days.
  • SMS do not need any Smart Phone types handset
  • SMS do not need internet subscription for the mobiles
  • SMS Delivered  on dot instantly to the mobiles of your customers

Though personal messaging can have the option for being done using the internet based messaging system but SMS will always remain the best choice for the Business use.

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